At the present time, Astrology specialist has gained a special importance. When a person becomes stuck in their life, they take the help of astrology. It helps you to know about the future possibility, the reason for all the miss happening that is going on in your life and many other related things. Astrology is the study of movement, the relative position of celestial objectives for divining information about human affairs and terrestrial events.

" Ishtikhara has over decades of Experience in art of Astrology"

Astrology specialist in India gives the predictions and his most of the predictions always come true. Till now people from different places and cities come to him to get to know about their future. Thus one should never let any problem to stay longer in their life. They must consult astrology specialist with problems.

He is expert in giving below mentioned services:


In today world we all are aware about astrology. It is the solution to all the problems. There are many people who face problems in their daily life.


Jyotish also makes horoscope of the people. He needs the birth details and with their help he can tell anything about particular person. he is also famous for match making.


If you yearn for wealth and fortune in great quantities, the stones can bring you a great fortune. Citrine is a well-known gemstone that can help you regain your lost wealth, prosperity. It can be easy for businessmen to get new deals when choosing this gemstone.

Our Astrology Services

Love Problem Solution

Love is the basic need of human life and the marriages are made in Heaven. Ishtikhara is very experienced and the best love problem solutions specialist astrologer and solve your all kinds of love problem.

Love Marriage Specialist

Love marriage often faces to many problems such as inter-caste, Manglik Dosha and many more. Ishtikhara is one of the famous love marriage specialists who provide accurate astrological solutions for a happy life.

Husband Wife Dispute

Disputes and misunderstandings are part of marriage life. Not to Worry, Ishtikhara helps you to solve all kinds of husband wife disputes in very short time.

Divorce Problem

Those people who want to get rid of the Divorce Problems can get in touch with Experts Ishtikhara. With the help of our Divorce Problem Solution Specialist.

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